Lorena Cipriano

Performance/ing artist︎ and graphic designer︎ with a focus on people and their stories as well as a conceptual and content based approach.

Usually working in the fields of photography, poster design, identities and type as well as performance, theatre and writing and with a soft spot for printed matters.

Member of Colletivo This Age︎︎︎ and Programmgruppe Bar im Stall︎︎︎.

lauwarm 2.1 ︎

Poster Design

‘Fantasy is queer. Queer is fantasy. It revolts.’ It is always all about love while love may not always be the answer. Between pleasure and struggle. Tender and rough. We melt into each other. Bodyfluids, a deep bass. Theory and practice. Feeling safe in a state of emergency. How beautiful to be. Life is just a party and parties weren’t meant to last. Come and be. SLOCH invites you to lauwarm 2.1, a queer and pleasure-positive party.

DJs avia, Fez Momo, intercity
SUPPORT by Prazeres and SO.M
PERFORMANCES by N X J and pole by missactiv

30.04.22 - Clubraum, Rote Fabrik, Zürich

for and with Kollektiv SLOCH︎︎︎