Lorena Cipriano

Performance/ing artist︎ and graphic designer︎ with a focus on people and their stories as well as a conceptual and content based approach.

Usually working in the fields of photography, poster design, identities and type as well as performance, theatre and writing and with a soft spot for printed matters.

Member of Colletivo This Age︎︎︎ and Programmgruppe Bar im Stall︎︎︎.


Writing, Illustration, Zine

On the 5th anniversary of the fanfaluca – Youth Theatre Festival Switzerland︎︎︎ in 2018 the first edition of the festivalzine has been published. In the second edition of 2019 the focus was put on the festival spirit and its participants.
Through the constant presence during the festival, articles directly connected and bound to the festival could be written, inspired by the interaction with the participants, the visitors and the organisators. The first issue of the zine was created in few weeks before the festival, whereas the second issue was completely generated, designed and released in the four days of the festival itself. The zine is a souvenir to the festival and its participants and additionally serves as a communication tool between the participants and organisators.

with Tanja Spielmann (dramaturge)
fanfaluca – Jugend Theater Festival Schweiz

Writing, Illustration, Zine

In September of 2020 the zine appeared for the third and last time. Although the festival was really reduced due to the pandemic, a small edition could be distributed. In only one issue topics around theatre and the digital sphere were dealt with.