Lorena Cipriano

Performance/ing artist︎ and graphic designer︎ with a focus on people and their stories as well as a conceptual and content based approach.

Usually working in the fields of photography, poster design, identities and type as well as performance, theatre and writing and with a soft spot for printed matters.

Member of Colletivo This Age︎︎︎ and Programmgruppe Bar im Stall︎︎︎.


Poster Design, Branding

Punkt. is a self-organized exhibition by the Bachelor Design Departement of Zurich University of the Arts. Student works of the second year from all subject areas of the Design Department are shown in the exhibition.
The visual appearance and the digital presentation are inspired by location pins. The word “Punkt” is implemented in abstract shapes in a calligraphic style and the graphic language symbolizes paths and spaces and therefore the position determination in the middle of one’s studies.

The Poster was awarded at 100 Beste Plakate 2020.

with Jules Hoogkamer
Design Departement, Zurich University of the Arts