Lorena Cipriano

Performance/ing artist︎ and graphic designer︎ with a focus on people and their stories as well as a conceptual and content based approach.

Usually working in the fields of photography, poster design, identities and type as well as performance, theatre and writing and with a soft spot for printed matters.

Member of Colletivo This Age︎︎︎ and Programmgruppe Bar im Stall︎︎︎.

Out of Line – A Visual Script︎︎

Bachelor Project
Visual Script, Performance

"I've been trained by society to constantly think about my body, how I appear, or whether I even exist properly. I can't even walk without thinking about my image - and whether I think it's a correct or acceptable one."
Through paths and lines, performers explore how society perceives bodies in public space, how society shapes us and pushes us into certain directions – and how we can ultimately break out of these constructs, move in a self-determined way, and thus create places of encounter free of external attributions.
In the sense of a visual script, the work functions as a notation for mediation as well as a documentation of movement sequences. What began as an experiment leads to a performance whose central component is walking.

See trailer here︎︎︎

Through the binding type and the horizontal structure of the sequences, different possibilities of application of the script arise. Individual scenes can be navigated side by side, one can quickly get an overview of an entire scene, as well as get an overview of transitions between scenes. The format and binding allow a comfortable handling in a rehearsal context. Through the reduced style and minimal elements an intuitive access and efficient decoding in said context are ensured. In addition to the visual componentsa a text layer is added, containing spoken text and as well as the speaker, audio or music, and stage directions.

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Bachelor Diplomaproject 2022
Mentoring: Matthias Michel and Jonas Voegeli
Zurich University of the Arts, Design Departement, Subject Area Visual Communication
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