Lorena Cipriano

Performance/ing artist︎ and graphic designer︎ with a focus on people and their stories as well as a conceptual and content based approach.

Usually working in the fields of photography, poster design, identities and type as well as performance, theatre and writing and with a soft spot for printed matters.

Member of Colletivo This Age︎︎︎ and Programmgruppe Bar im Stall︎︎︎.

Genesis 11:1–9︎

Photography, Editorial Design

The narration of the Tower of Babel tells the story of the language(s) and humanity’s confusion of tongues. The excerpt leaves the reader with a bitter aftertaste. Instead of focusing on separation, this work holds on to what connects people in a multicultural city such as Jerusalem, focusing on the coexistence of different people of various religious groups, cultures and lifestyles in the old city of Jerusalem.

Mentored by Matthias Bünzli
Swiss Design Week, Bezalel Academy of Art, Jerusalem
Zurich University of the Arts